The Brand


CVRD is an Amsterdam based fashion label that introduces style to classic womenswear. Our mission is to empower women through beautiful, feminine fashion and enable them to be the best versions of themselves. 


We believe in timeless style and long lasting design. Building on the perfect wardrobe is the point of departure for each piece we launch. Creating essentials you want to find again and again, that ooze a classy elegance and have the power to go from day to night. Iconic must-haves that are as stylish as they are formal. As dazzling as they are comfortable.  


Hind Abakhti challenged the old-fashioned office wear by launching CVRD in 2015. During her career in the financial world she experienced the impact of fashion. What you wear affects your mind, your emotions and thus the way you approach and interact with the world. If you feel strong, it shows. 

It was there and then she decided to launch a brand that creates stunningly feminine yet professional fashion.

'I want to bring women the stylish outfit that won't just take her comfortably from her first breakfast meeting to a casual dinner in the evening but also makes her feel great and sends a clear message of confidence'.


Perfect product design is a founding pillar of CVRD. Make, remake and improve until every product meets our highest bar. Every choice we make is based on respect for the world around us. Conscious choices for quality, sustainability and craftmanship. 

We carefully select our fabrics for their comfort and durability and source them from Italy, Portugal and Turkey. Every last inch of material is used to make sure nothing goes to waste. Our production takes place in Europe and Morocco in high-end ateliers that adhere to the international labour and sustainabilty standards.


CVRD and more than hundred other companies in the clothing and textile sector have signed the Dutch Agreement on Sustainable Garments and Textile. In this agreement it is agreed to work together on making the collection and the production chain more sustainable. It is special that so many parties have joined forces and companies, NGOs, trade unions and the national government are working together on a more sustainable sector.

It has been agreed to collaborate in the production of clothing and textiles on:

- protection against discrimination, child labor and forced labor

- the right to free negotiations by independent trade unions

- the realization of a living wage

- safe and healthy working conditions for employees

- reduction of the negative environmental impact of raw materials

- the prevention of animal suffering

- less use of water, energy and chemicals

- less chemical waste and waste water